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A former web design and developer, and a graduate in Graphic Design as well as holding a certification in Fine Art, I have focused on practicing my art and sharing my expression to the world.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, I decided to invest my interest and time towards digital art, finding a new way to convey my expression, personality, and opinion. A coping mechanism during the period of lockdown, it managed to help the time pass and put a fresh focus on my talents.


I believe art can be many things, it can be invoking an idea, provide an emotion to the viewer, an opinion, and can even manage to tackle a variety of subjects. Using my own expression, I can convey my own personality as well as thoughts on a subject, and also has a potential to show emotion.

I find that creativity and expression is a joy, and as such, I hope the art I share allows others to join the experience with me.


My style is inspired by loose and fluid illustrations, particularly in fashion, and japanese brush art by artists such as Yoji Shinkawa. I find the style manages to convey my personality — reckless, wild, and colourful.


My work is made using a 2020 12.9inch iPad Pro using the Apple Pencil, and I primarily use ProCreate to lay down all my artwork. Some works include the use of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator on a MacBook Pro.